Bullshooter VI Asia

26-28 March 2010


City of Yokohama


The three days Bullshooter VI Asia event was hosted in Yokohama Japan. Yokohama is a peaceful city filled with great sightseeing spots. A bay side landmark - Osanbashi Hall was selected as the tournament hall for the event. Participators are able to relax and enjoy the sea view just outside the intense tournament hall.


Asia League Championship


As everyone should aware that, countries should have their local league system for darts players and teams to enjoy more darts playing, and League Champions will be born every year or term.  The Asia League Championship is a platform for different countries League Champions to compete with each other to fight for the highest glory and also to build up the friendship between countries.


Three Years In A Row International Team Champion


Team Philippines has showed their stunning performance and highly darts playing skill, once again they won the Asia Cup International Team Challenge and they are the Three Years In A Row Champion! Congratulation! Team Philippines is entitled to bring the Trophy back home and keep permanently!


Outstanding Asian Player


Super One event is the highest level singles tournament in the Bullshooter VI Asia, only one representative per country is allowed to participate in this event. Lourence G. Ilagan from Philippines defended his title successfully and remains the Super One Champion for second year. Well Play Lourence! We are looking forward to see Lourence in Bullshooter VII Asia to face challenges from different Super One players, and achieve his Hat Trick wins to bring the Super One Trophy back to Philippines.


One of the best stories of the weekend C The A-Flight Champion


Bob Wiles is the representative of Arachnid Inc. who came from USA. He helped us to run the Bullshooter Asia in the past six years and is one of the major staff in our team. Bob was a darts player before and worked in the darts field for many years. We gave him a little surprise by putting him into the 501 A-flight Singles as reward for his work and also to enjoy some darts, Bob managed to pick up his skill during the games and step by step to the final, and play against a very good Philippines player Ronald L. Briones. At last the finishing darts hit the bullseye and all the American players jumps up and screen. Congratulation to Bob! Our 501 A-flight Champion!


C-Flight Champions


Kevin Shen from Taiwan played darts for only eight months, and achieved very good results in the C-Flight category. Kevin had won the 501 Champion, Hammer Cricket Champion and also the Doubles 501 champion partner with Mic Chen from Taiwan. Excellent results Kevin! Keep it up! We are looking forward to see you in Bullshooter VII Asia and to get more titles in B-Flight category.


Fine Crystal Trophies


Trophies are the one of the memorable items that we can present to the winners, it reminds them about the event that they participated, the people that they meet and play with, and also the good times in playing darts. Therefore we did put lots of time and efforts to prepare the nice crystal trophies for the winners to bring back home together with their pleasures memory inside.


Beer Drinking Contest


Beer Drinking Contest is always fun in the dinner party, this year we have a partner drinking contest and Japanese style drinking contest it is even more fun to see. Maybe we should make the Beer Drinking Contest as an official event during the dinner party on Bullshooter VII Asia, may be one representative per country, what do you think?


Press Visit


We would like to thank you for Softdarts Bible, New Darts Life, TVK, and TV Asahi to visit the Bullshooter VI Asia and did some interview for our event. We deeply appreciate for all your support.


Bullshooter VII Asia


Finally we would like to thank you for all the staffs who worked with us during the Bullshooter VI Asia. And also thank you for all the players and supporters who attend and participated the tournament. Thank You Very Much!

We will start working on the Bullshooter VII Asia and will update the details on our website.