Rules and Regulation




Players can contact their local operator for registrations. All registration should be made before 1 April 2016 by E-mail: info@asiadarts.com


Package Registration

HK$2,000/person (Register before 9th March 2016)

HK$2,200/person (Register after 10th March 2016)

Tournament Package includes:

- Registration for all six tournament events

- No coin drop is required for the games

- Special Gift Pack

- 10 Welcome Drinks (Blue Girl Beer/soft drinks)

- Dinner Party: Chinese Style Dinner, Free Beer all you can drink, Lucky Draws, Performance, Fun Game Show, MVP Presentation¡­


Single Event Registration: HK$480/per event (including 2 Welcome Drinks of Blue Girl Beer / Soft drink).

Dinner party: $550/per person


All players are required to submit their personal ADA Rating Level to the organizer. Players who have not submitted ADA Rating Level will be assigned into Division 1. Any players found not submitting their correct ADA Rating Level may be automatically disqualified. Player must submit their highest ADA Rating Level from both 01 Games and Cricket Games (example: your 01 Games is Level 20 and Cricket Games is Level 17, you must register as Level 20). For details of ADA Rating Level, please see the chart below.


ADA Rating Level

01 Games (Point per dart)

Cricket Games (Mark per round)

LV 30

48.00 - Above

6.00 - Above

LV 29

46.60 - 47.99

5.74 - 5.99

LV 28

45.20 - 46.59

5.48 - 5.73

LV 27

43.80 - 45.19

5.22 - 5.47

LV 26

42.40 - 43.79

4.96 - 5.21

LV 25

41.00 - 42.39

4.70 - 4.95

LV 24

39.60 - 40.99

4.49 - 4.69

LV 23

38.20 - 39.59

4.28 - 4.48

LV 22

36.80 - 38.19

4.07 - 4.27

LV 21

35.40 - 36.79

3.86 - 4.06

LV 20

34.05 - 35.39

3.71 - 3.85

LV 19

32.70 - 34.04

3.56 - 3.70

LV 18

31.35 - 32.69

3.41 - 3.55

LV 17

30.00 - 31.34

3.26 - 3.40

LV 16

28.65 - 29.99

3.11 - 3.25

LV 15

27.30 - 28.64

2.96 - 3.10

LV 14

25.95 - 27.29

2.81 - 2.95

LV 13

24.65 - 25.94

2.66 - 2.80

LV 12

23.35 - 24.64

2.51 - 2.65

LV 11

22.05 - 23.34

2.36 - 2.50

LV 10

20.75 - 22.04

2.21 - 2.35

LV 9

19.45 - 20.74

2.06 - 2.20

LV 8

18.15 - 19.44

1.91 - 2.05

LV 7

16.90 - 18.14

1.76 - 1.90

LV 6

15.65 - 16.89

1.61 - 1.75

LV 5

14.40 - 15.64

1.46 - 1.60

LV 4

13.15 - 14.39

1.31 - 1.45

LV 3

11.90 - 13.14

1.20 - 1.30

LV 2

10.65 - 11.89

1.10 - 1.19

LV 1

0.00 - 10.64

0.00 - 1.09



Organizer will take photos and record video during The 12th ADA Tour, all attendance should understand and agree the organizer has the copy right of all the taken photos and recorded video to publish and issue worldwide.



The tournament organizer will divide all players into 7 different Divisions (Division 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Ladies L1 and L2) for Singles 01 and Cricket events depending on their summited ADA Rating Level. All players are welcome to request to play in Division 1 or L1 for Ladies. For doubles events, the tournament organizer will combine both player¡¯s ADA Rating Level together and put them in the appropriate Division. If you have any questions, please contact us by E-mail: info@asiadarts.com



Rating (Singles 501 & Cricket)

Rating (Doubles 501)

Division 1

No Rating Limitation

Division 2, 3, 4 and 5

Divided by Organizer

Ladies L1

Ladies Only, No Rating Limitation

Ladies L2

Ladies Only, Divided by Organizer



Any players submitting false ADA Rating Level will not be tolerated. Point Per Dart and Mark Per Round will be checked regularly for players playing in Division 2, 3, 4, 5 and L2. If a player found exceeding their ADA Rating Level at an average of 3 ratings or above, the tournament organizer has the right to disqualify the player. Division 1 and L1 will not have any limitations.


Tournament Format and/or Game Played

Asia Darts Association reserves the right to make any changes to the tournament format or game to be played in any event as deemed necessary.

Player not willing to accept these changes may withdraw from the tournament. No refunds will be given.



Any player not using his/her correct name, or gaining entry by falsifying his/her name in any manner, will be eliminated from the event. All prize money and trophies won will be forfeited.



Good sportsmanship will prevail during the entire tournament. Actions such as intentionally throwing the out board and air darts (no darts on board and pressing the button for the next player to throw) when no freeze rule is applied will not be tolerated. The tournament organizer has the right to eliminate or disqualify any players that are considered not showing good sportsmanship.


Important Charting Rules

We use the Tournament Registration System to chart player's positions. All players must report to the charting stage 10 minutes before the shooting time. A chart will be posted on the charting stage. Each player will be responsible for keeping track of his/her position on the chart. NO MATCHES WILL BE ANNOUNCED. You must find you name on chart. When a magnetic numeral is position beside your match, proceed immediately to the board number indicated and play your match.


Single Elimination

After the match, WINNER MUST REPORT TO THE CHARTING STAGE. Winners will print his/her Name and Player No. on a label and. This label will be posted by the tournament officials directly on the chart. Watch the position you move to and wait for your next board assignment.


Double Elimination

After the match, BOTH WINNER AND LOSER MUST REPORT TO THE CHARTING STAGE. Winners will print their Name and Player No. on a GREEN label and losers will print their Name and Player No. on a RED label. These labels will be posted by the tournament officials directly on the chart. Watch the position you move to and wait for your next board assignment.


Round Robin

Players have to check for their block/group from the charting stage and go to the indicated machine. Follow the instruction on the result record sheet in front of the machine and play the matches according to the order. Match Results, Rating Level and Opponent¡¯s Signature has to be filled in after each match. After all matches has been played, THE RESULT RECORD SHEET MUST BE RETURNED BY WINNER OF THE LAST MATCH TO THE CHARTING STAGE.



Coaching in any team event will be allowed by your playing partner only. Long delays between darts or player turns will not be tolerated.

There will be no coaching allowed in single events.


The VSPhoenix / VSPhoenix S / VSPhoenix 4

On the VSPhoenix, VSPhoenix S and VSPhoenix 4 panel, there is a ¡°UP¡±, ¡°DOWN¡±, ¡°LEFT¡± and ¡°RIGHT¡± arrows button for directions. ¡°GREEN BUTTON¡± for cancels and call out game option menu and ¡°RED BUTTON¡± for enter and switching options.

1. At the "Main Menu", select game by using the "UP" and "DOWN" arrows and confirm by

the ¡°RED BUTTON¡±.

2. Select the number of player who plays the game and press the ¡°RED BUTTON¡± and start the game.

3. After the game has started, press the ¡°GREEN BUTTON¡± to go into the "Playing Option Menu" and select "Game Setting" for different options such as IN/OUT options in 01 games. (Example: Division 1 501 will play Double In/Double Out.)


Starting Your Match

1. Show your Player ID to your opponent and confirm the opponent is the correct person.

2. Both players are responsible to make sure the machine is set on the correct game.

3. Flip a coin, winner goes first in the 1st game.

4. Loser of the 1st game goes first in the 2nd game.

5. For Best 2 out of 3 games, diddle to decide who start the 3rd game, loser of the 2nd game diddle first.

6. For Best 3 out of 5 games, In the 2nd, 3rd, 4th game, loser of the previous game goes first. Diddle to decide who start the 5th game, loser of the 4th game diddle first.

7. A maximum of 30 seconds between players shooting next round. A complete three darts may last only 30 seconds.


Round Limit

All 01 Games and Cricket will have round limit of 15 rounds. Cricket Count Up limit on 8 rounds. If winner cannot be distinguished after round limit, call for the tournament official for help.



Player must use soft tips darts, no broken and cut off tips allowed.


Toe Line

Player's foot can be on the toe line. No part of the shoes can go past the front edge of the line or over the carpet if there is one.


Practice Darts

Three warm-up darts are allowed before starting a match. Remember, only ONE turn-three darts only! No more practicing is allowed after game start, including practicing on any other dart machine. Any forfeit will lose the game.


Diddle For The Middle

One player from each team throws one dart for the center of the Bullseye. The player whose dart comes closest to the exact center of the Bull throws first in the game. The dart must stick on diddling, if the dart doesn't stick, throw another dart until one stick. If the first player hit the exact center with the dart, the player removes the dart and allows the next player to shoot for a tie. Re-diddle on a tie situation.



Score for each dart shall base on where it sticks on the dart board. If the dart hit but does not stick on the board, machine score will consider as true. If there is any question as to whether the machine is working or scoring properly. STOP IMMEDIATELY. Do not remove the darts and then call for the tournament official for help.



In 501 DI/DO, the Bullseye may NOT be used as an IN dart, may be used as an OUT dart. If a player shoots a Bull to start the game, they lose the game.

In all X01 games, the Outer and Inner Bullseye both scores 50 points - Single Bullseye.

In the Cricket games, the Outer Bullseye scores 25 and the Inner Bullseye scores 50 points - Double Bullseye.


Player Indication On Screen

In all matches, it is the player's responsibility to make sure the player indication is on the right player position before your throw. Any darts thrown before the player indication changes complete, will be count as a Miss darts, not allow to score back manually. When darts thrown on opponent¡¯s position, opponent can choose to retain the score or unthrow the dart in the machine option menu.


Miss-Registered Dart

A miss-registered dart (dart that sticks but does not registered) may be backed up and manually scored by the tournament officials.


Winning Dart

The "last dart" (winning dart) will end the game. The winning darts will base on the Machine score to indicate the winner. When winning dart stick on dart board but does not show scoring, win of game still counts. Do not remove the darts and then call for the tournament official for help and score manually.



If any player of your team is involved in an ongoing event, a player from your team must notify the charting stage official of the conflict. Any forfeit resulting from non-notification will stand!


Recall Procedure

Go to the board when the board assignment is made. Wait for five minutes, if the opponent does not show, report to the charting stage official.

A recall will be announced over the loud speaker. Wait for five minutes, if your opponent doesn't show, match will be forfeited and announced over the loud speaker.


Winning Prize

Stage Presentation will be host when the final match of the event is completed.

Blue Girl Beer Hong Kong Open will have Stage Presentation for top 8 places. International Cup Stage Presentation will be specially arranged. For the rests of the events, stage presentations are for top 4 places.

Rest of the Winners can claim your prizes and trophies at the Prize and Trophy Collection Counter during the tournament after the Stage Presentation.


Machine Abuse

Machine abuse will not be tolerated. If you tilt the machine and the monitor goes blank, you lose the game. If you cause the machine to fall, penalty is loss of match.


Food & Beverage / Smoking
No food or beverage purchased outside the venue is allowed in the tournament hall.

No smoking (including electronic cigarettes) allowed in the tournament hall.

Any violations of the above mentioned Food & Beverage / Smoking policy will result in disqualification from the tournament and will be asked to leave the tournament hall



*No smoking is allowed in the tournament hall including the toilet. Any players or persons caught smoking will be directly DISQUALIFIED from all registered events and will also be banned from playing any events organized or related to ADA for 2 years. Please be warned.

*All players/persons entering the tournament hall will have their luggage or bags inspected by security guards. Any food or beverages found will be asked to remove them.


Besides from the authorization of the organizer, all coin-op dart manufacturers and their staff are ineligible to participate.

Eligibility / Entry Clarification

Tournament organizer reserves the right to evaluate entries based knowledge of past tournament accomplishments in the sport of darting. It is the desire of Asia Darts Association and the tournament officials to provide as equalized competition as possible for all entrants. All decisions by tournament organizer are binding final.